Save ££££s with B grade pallet collars

Save ££££s with B grade pallet collars
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Save ££££s with B grade pallet collars

Cost-conscious customers are saving ££££s by snapping up B grade wooden pallet collars from the Billington Group.

We have stocked up on the new B Grade collars which are all ISPM15 heat treated and are therefore suitable for export use.

The collars are available in standard sizes 1200 x 800, 1200 x 1000 and 800 x 600 and are a functional alternative to our normal standard grade pallet collars.

With our competitive pricing policy we have been able to help major customers achieve significant cost savings by choosing the B grade option.

The B grade collars perform in exactly the same as standard grade collars but are constructed from slightly inferior timber. They may have more knot holes, wain at the edges and sometimes traces of tree bark.

For many customers these cosmetic differences are no detriment and they can cut costs on ‘one trip’ pallet collars which will not be returned.

Savings can be made whatever the size of the order but for heavy usage customers ordering full loads of wooden pallet collars (2800 pieces) the savings can be even more impressive.

To find out how to make savings that can improve your all-important bottom line contact us or call our sales hotline on 01709 543837 to discuss your requirements.

Examples of B Grade pallet collars


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