Rare as rocking horse manure….. but we’ve got loads!

Rare as rocking horse manure..... but we've got loads!
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Rare as rocking horse manure….. but we’ve got loads!

Question: What is as rare as rocking horse manure?

Answer: Used wooden pallet collars.

At the Billington Group – Britain’s leading supplier of pallet collars, we do our best to keep our customers happy.

But recently we’ve had calls from customers desperate for secondhand wooden pallet collars.

And we’re fed up of disappointing them — so now we’ve managed to stock up and if you need cost-effective serviceable pallet collars delivered from stock… make the call…. 01709 543837.

We have re-stocked  with 1200 x 800 and 1200 x 1000  pallet collars ready to ship on a next day delivery on the UK Mainland.

The Billington Group always sources the best used wooden pallet collars available on the market and we sell at the most competitive prices.

Although some may be marked with paint or print they are always strong and serviceable – perfect for most applications where pallet collars are required.

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee that used pallet collars are heat treated since they are brought from a variety of suppliers. Therefore they are not suitable for use in export applications.

For prices on used pallet collars contact our sales team or call our sales hotline 01709 543837

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