Problem solving with pallet collars

Problem solving with pallet collars
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Problem solving with pallet collars

Shipping truck parts speedily and safely around the UK and Europe while keeping costs to a minimum was a challenging prospect for one of the country’s biggest vehicle parts dealers.

A customer complained that a delivery of key truck parts had been damaged in transit –  leading to expensive delays in returning the vehicle to the road… creating a damaging knock-on effect to the logistics chain.

The supplier turned to the Billington Group for a solution and we were able to supply wooden pallet collars to build a box on their Euro size pallets to transport the truck parts.

The 2 board wooden pallet collars providing the protection from damage during shipping through the pallet network.

The next order of parts arrived on time and with no damage, the parts were fitted and the truck was back on the road, minimising the time it stood idle and any resulting loss of revenue.

Each of the wooden pallet collars we provided was made up of 2 wooden boards  – cost-effective, yet strong enough to hold the parts in place during shipping.

When the plain MDF Lids were banded on top of the wooden pallet collars the truck parts were kept safe and secure during the loading, shipping and unloading process.

Because our  pallet collars fold flat for storage and delivery to the customer we were able to deliver a pack of 120 wooden pallet collars loaded on one pallet – maximising space and reducing transport costs which we were able to pass on to our customer.

For the best prices on wooden pallet collars contact us or call our sales team on 01709 543837.

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