Pallet collars – rocking all over the world

Pallet collars - rocking all over the world
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Pallet collars – rocking all over the world

Breathtaking state-of-the-art lighting and stage effects for the world’s biggest rock bands are light years away from humble pallet collars.

But the Billington Group plays a small a part in amazing audiences around the world when cutting edge hi-tech hardware needs to be transported safely and securely around the globe.

Among our clients is a company that is a market leader in professional stage and production units and processors supplying equipment for the world’s biggest grossing bands and shows.

To ensure the hi-tech equipment is shipped to destinations around the world, undamaged and in pristine condition, wooden pallet collars are used to help protect the units.

Their versatility and strength is a key factor because depending on the size of the unit being shipped a durable wooden box can be created on a pallet within seconds.

Depending on the of the unit being shipped each pallet can safely accommodate collars up to five high offering solid protection for the contents.

Wooden pallet collars from the Billington Group are perfect for storing and shipping even irregular shaped items, properly packed and secured.

And when not in use the hinged collars fold flat for storage taking up little storage space until they are needed.

For find out if pallet collars are the perfect solution for your storage and shipping requirements email contact us or call our sales team on 01706 543837.


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