Pallet collars – instant storage solution

Pallet collars - instant storage solution
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Pallet collars – instant storage solution

Pallet collars provide an instant storage solution. Maximising space to minimise storage costs gave the warehouse manager of a major engineering company a hurdle to overcome and a headache he didn’t need..

The firm faced the choice of either an expensive re-design and installation of permanent racking for storage or to opt for the flexibility of using pallet collars instead.

The Billington Group was able to offer a ready-made solution – providing pallet collars from our extensive range and within days the warehouse was reorganised for a fraction of the price.

Using pallets and the standard 1200 x 1000 pallet collars from our stock the customer was able to set up a storage system to suit his needs..

Pallet collar dividers were used to split the space inside some pallet collars to separate smaller components during storage and lids were used on pallet collars to keep metal bearings clean and free from atmospheric dust.

Metal distance spacers and plastic stacking corners helped the warehouse maximise the height available and minimise the floor space taken up for storage.

Plastic document holders were used to hold labels identifying raw materials and engineering parts for assembly workers on the production line.

For prices on pallet collars and accessories contact us or call our sales team on 01709 543837.

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