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Pallet collars are our business… at the Billington Group we pride ourselves on the knowledge and level of service we have developed to become the UK’s leading supplier of wooden pallet collars.

When the Billington Group pallet collar division was launched in 1985 we were the pallet collar pioneers and became one of the first companies to introduce pallet collars to Britain.

Now, thousands of companies across a variety of industry sectors recognise the benefits of pallet collars and are using them as a cost-effective aid to storage and shipping products.

Hinged at each corner, standard pallet collars are made up of four planks of wood held together by four hinges.

This simple, yet ingenious, design enables the collars to fold flat for easy storage when not in use. When in use each collar fits onto a wooden pallet secured by a lug protruding from the bottom of each hinge.

This creates a tough, durable, wooden box and by adding more pallet collars on top the depth of the box can be increased to accommodate most products from metal castings, aerospace parts and fire extinguishers to bags of chemicals and food products.

To discover how Billington Group pallet collars can help your company contact us or call our sales team on 01709 543837.


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