Pallet collar accessories

Pallet collar accessories
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Pallet collar accessories

We offer a complete range of accessories to maximise the usage of your Pallet Collars, allowing more efficient warehousing and store management.


Our Lids are available in Plywood and MDF and can be used to make a completely secure container.We stock standard sizes but we also supply bespoke sizes designed for specific applications.

We can supply lids as plain sheets or with battens on the underside to prevent movement when placed on the collar and corners can be removed for ease of lifting.


Plastic stacking corners:

Strong and durable, these can be slotted onto each corner of the wooden pallet collar allowing another pallet to be placed directly and securely on top.


Document holders:

These plastic wallets attach simply and securely to a wooden pallet collar to enable documents identifying the contents to be easily read and protected from the elements. Ideal for outside use as they protect against moisture/wear. Available in A4/A5/A6 in blue plastic or clear with wire frame for added security.


Metal distance spacers:

These secure, metal spacers are strong enough to take the weight of loaded pallets and leaving sufficient space to allow access to pick from the pallets on several levels – useful for storage of products.



With our pallet collar dividers it is possible to utilise the pallet collar to the maximum. Dividers split the pallet collar into a number of smaller compartments without damaging the collar so avoiding half empty pallets. The dividers can be made to suit any size of pallet collar .



These are placed on the base of pallets, before the goods are packed on top, to prevent smaller loose products falling through gaps in pallet boards; they also protect products if pallets are being stacked on top of one another.



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