Double-lugged pallet collars

Double-lugged pallet collars
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Double-lugged pallet collars

Stacking a pallet securely and safely can be a problem for any warehouse manager but the Billington Group has a smart solution.

We can supply double-lugged wooden pallet collars to enable a pallet to be located on top without the fear of it being accidentally dislodged.

Hinges on standard pallet collars have lugs protruding from the bottom to enable the collar to be quickly and easily located onto a wooden pallet or onto another pallet collar.

But in addition the double-lugged pallet collar also has lugs protruding from the top of each hinge to enable another pallet to be simply located securely on top.

It’s another example of how the Billington Group can offer the smart solution for storage and shipping by using pallet collars and accessories.

A number of our customers are now opting for double-lugged pallet collars as simple and cost-effective option to enable them to stack pallets.

The double-lugged wooden pallet collar is just one of the many bespoke options and accessories offered by the Billington Group – the UK’s biggest supplier of wooden pallet collars.

For more information contact us of call our pallet collar hotline on 01709 543837.

Pic 1: Pallet located on double-lugged collar Pic 2: Double-lugged hinge Pic 3: Standard hinge


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