Billington printed pallet collars spread the word

Billington printed pallet collars spread the word
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Billington printed pallet collars spread the word

Printed pallet collars spread the word. Britain’s biggest companies measure their success in £££££s….. and they recognise that becoming a household name is priceless.

They plough millions of pounds into marketing and advertising campaigns to ensure promote their name.

But alongside the mini-movies, fronted by the latest screen stars,companies from blue chip giants to smaller family firms value any opportunity to reinforce the marketing message.

That’s why, when they buy pallet collars from the Billington Group, for an extra few pence they insist on having trades names and logos printed on the wooden panels.

Every individual pallet collar becomes an advertising board, promoting the name and products the company has to offer.

Each pallet collar can be seen in the store where it is being used to display products as customers browse the aisles, or on trucks when deliveries are being made to customers.

And every time a collar catches the eye of a customer or passer-by, the name and logo is there to be read and imprinted on the memory.

One of the most popular extras requested by customers of the Billington Group is to have pallet collars and lids printed with names and logos.

For a quote on this cost-effective method to promote your business contact us or call our sales team on 01709 543837.

Watch how pallet collars stack to create a sturdy wooden box.


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